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capitalshowers provides highly accurate, concrete, consistent, research-based stock future calls to the traders. Ample of time is pre-stored for the traders to bid, book profit and carry out professional trading Start trading in futures now with capital Profit as it’s said, Risks and losses are inevitable in the market place, thus, our Stock Future is designed in a way to minimize risks and avoid losses. Learning sessions are organized for new traders to teach them about the stock market and resolve their queries.

Service Highlights

  • 3-4 Intraday Trades in Stock Future.
  • Each trade contains 2/3 Targets and 1 Stop Loss
  • Recommendation on good quality stock, Mostly Lag-caps & Mid-caps
  • Daily support-resistance of Indices with morning bell
  • Full time support Via SMS/Chat Messenger.
  • National & International News updates & important event information on website.
  • We regularly maintain and update track sheet records of calls on the website.
  • All calls provided by us are intraday calls only.

Trading Rules

  • Trade in each recommendation with a Fixed Capital.
  • Quantity to be traded: Capital per Trade/Price of Stock.
  • Follow the recommendations as you receive them.
  • Always follow Stop loss as recommended in the Call.